A message of welcome to TarotL members

Welcome ! This is the personal page of Rom who now owns the discussion group TarotL. We have migrated the group from Yahoo Groups to Groups.io. The idea is to save TarotL archives. But if this group finds new wings with the move then godspeed to it. It is no longer possible to post on TarotL at Yahoo Groups. Again, the migration has  completed. It happened on November 14th, 2019.

A word about me, your new host. I am a French Canadian researcher living in Montréal. I have been a member of TarotL since 2000. English is not my mother tongue. This blog is based on my discoveries about the History of Tarot. Google Translate works fine with my prose should you want to explore a bit here. If something controversial like this new exposure on my take on the Tarot can lift our collective spirit again, I will be delighted. So, to rapidly sum it all up… I believe the Tarot was created by Benedictine monks in France in the XIIth century. In 2000, on TarotL, I named Abbott Suger de Saint-Denis as the maître-d’oeuvre of the Tarot project. 

I do not believe in the Italian Renaissance Theory of Origin of the Tarot.

Voilà !


Update :

The migration of TarotL from Yahoo Groups to Groups.io went on as planned. I paid $220.00 USD for that to happen. Group.io sent a general message to each member when the deed was done. Now, if somebody on this list wants to send me 5$ or more to contribute to the process, I will appreciate it very much. You’ll find some payment links below and on the TarotL menu. If I receive more than the amount I already paid, I’ll save the money and apply it to the next annual payment on a Premium account. 

Thank you!

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A propos Marc O. Rainville

Je suis connu sous le nom de Rom depuis mes débuts dans la Tarotsphère en 1998. Je suis Bachelier en Animation et recherche culturelle, mineure en Histoire de l'art, de l'Université du Québec à Montréal. Je m'intéresse à l'histoire du Tarot depuis 1985. J'ai eu la chance de bénéficier d'un concours de circonstances favorables qui m'a permis d'approfondir mes recherches sur le sujet. J'en livre le fruit ici. Bienvenue sur Tarotchoco !
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