AH1N1 flu vaccine: Serious side effects reported in Montreal

I don’t normally quote verbatim from other blogs. But this defies the laws of … gravity.


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From The St-Henri Chronicles, by Manuel Johnson

 »I just got my H1N1 flu shot at the old Théâtre Cartier on Notre-Dame. (…) Now, I don’t want to provoke any panic or work contrary to the interests of public health, but, like any self-respecting blogger, I must report what I see: while I was there, two different girls of about the same age, 9 or 10, experienced side effects and had to be taken to hospital. They both had the same symptoms: swelling and numbness in their left legs. The staff on hand seemed puzzled and worried, not to mention the family members. One nurse remarked, « I’m starting to wonder about these vaccines, with all the side effects. » My own one-year-old son seemingly lost consciousness after getting the shot (though it was his nap-time) – he fell into a slumber and we were not able to wake him for a couple of minutes. That was quite worrisome. They put him on a stretcher, and finally, thankfully, he groggily came to. (…)

A leading Montreal newspaper, La Presse,  also reports teenagers passing out after receiving the shot:

 »(…) Lors de la visite de La Presse, hier, le centre était bondé et grouillait d’activité. Malgré cela, tout s’est déroulé rondement, assurent les responsables, et ce, malgré que plusieurs adolescents aient perdu connaissance après avoir été inoculés. »

Here is a link to the scientific data provided about the vaccine by its developer, GSK.  And in French, GSK. You’ll note something most remarkable on this data: No scientific studies have been conducted about the effects of this vaccine on the following age groups: Elderly (60 and over), children and teenagers (10 to 17), children (6-35 months).

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Une réponse à AH1N1 flu vaccine: Serious side effects reported in Montreal

  1. Rom dit :

    This just in :

    Bullet to the Head
    By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

    It seems people often need to experience a bullet
    to the head before they will believe bullets can
    be deadly�and then they rue the day they ignored
    warnings about playing with loaded guns.

    Vaccination seems to hold a similar place. People
    ignore words of caution and roll up their sleeves
    to get a shot. It seems they think getting a
    vaccine is the same as taking a multivitamin, and
    equally as benign. But when serious adverse
    events occur, such as Guillian-Barre paralysis, a
    seizure disorder or even a death, a jolt of
    reality lays bare just how damaging a « simple vaccine » can be.

    The stranglehold of fear, perpetrated by those in
    white coats and by the medical bureaucrats in
    Washington DC who take their marching orders from
    pharma, is working hard to choke rationally
    thinking adults into submission. I get emails
    almost every day that say something like, « I
    bought your DVDs and your books�but I have a
    question: Should I get a flu shot? »

    WHAAT?@!>! My mouth drops. I have to clear my
    head and find a way to say, « No, you should not
    get the flu shot », being cautious to keep my tone
    void of sarcasm. That may seem harsh, but live in
    very turbulent times. Soft language and hand
    holding until people « get it » is becoming increasingly more difficult. \

    Sheri Nakken, R.N., MA, Hahnemannian Homeopath
    Vaccination Information & Choice Network, Washington State, USA
    Vaccines –
    http://www.nccn.net/~wwithin/vaccine.htm or

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