Money talks, bullshit walks

Shaking in his boots, Montreal’s mayor Gérald Tremblay

The Big Black Machine made sure that their front guy in Montreal’s City Hall was reelected. Gerald Tremblay is back for a new four years term, technically.  M. Tremblay is not a bad guy.  But, a long time ago, someone made him the classic offer that can not be refused, the offer that is made to everybody who aspires to become somebody. It first comes as a threat, then a reward.The handshake in between seals a deal that can not be undone.

Are they all on the take ? Of course not. But grease money is to politicians what steroids are to professional athletes. You figure it out.

Canadians live in a world ruled by brown enveloppes. Montreal is its dubious capital. We have heard recently about the 3%  in $$$ forwarded to the  »politique » in suitcases, 3% on each concrete and asphalt jobs done for the government by the Fab Fourteen construction businesses. The truth is out. But this flow of cash does not go in political parties coffers, as some commentators speculated. It is used as grease money. It finds its way straight to the top politicians, white collar cogs, judges and cops. It buys the peace.

We haven’t heard yet about the dope money given in cash to constructions workers for their wages. Mobsters need them  to launder some of the dollar piles stacked to the ceiling in their heavily guarded football sized warehouses. Just like in Italy.

When this most natural order of things is disturbed, the peace is broken. It does happen from time to time. The corrupted band together against the corruptors. Maybe this is just such a time.

Dope money, blood money. It didn’t talked on election day, it barked. And if all this sounds outrageous, take hearth. You don’t have to believe everything you read on the Internet.

A propos Marc O. Rainville

Je suis connu sous le nom de Rom depuis mes débuts dans la Tarotsphère en 1998. Je suis Bachelier en Animation et recherche culturelle, mineure en Histoire de l'art, de l'Université du Québec à Montréal. Je m'intéresse à l'histoire du Tarot depuis 1985. J'ai eu la chance de bénéficier d'un concours de circonstances favorables qui m'a permis d'approfondir mes recherches sur le sujet. J'en livre le fruit ici. Bienvenue sur Tarotchoco !
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