III – The Empress

The name of this card deciphers opnly with the first cipher (ACEHILMOPRTVX). All 12 letters in the name of that Trump belong to this first cipher.

L+I+M+P+E+R+A+T+R+I+C+E= 12+9+13+16+5+18+1+20+18+9+3+5= 129. 1+2+9= 12. 1+2= 3, III. This is one of the easiest to break.

I also want to point out two things that I have already signaled to the francophone community. First, this empress has angels wings on her back and second, a motto is printed on the right wing of the eagle. This motto is: NIF 21 (in arabic numbers).

These wings are an illustration of the Wings of Faith, a theological concept developped by German saint Hildegarde of Bingen. And the motto, reversed, FIN (The  end, in French) 21 (XXI, The World) means The end of the world ! Hildegarde had predicted the end of the world for the year 1200 (21, reversed…).

Note also that she was a distant cousin of the reigning emperor of her times, a fact she was none too proud to drop in the conversation. And last but not least, the two eagles on the shields of Trump III and IV,  Emperor and Empress, look in a different direction. Together they make an  »aigle adossé » an eagle with two heads, symbol of the Teutonic Empire at the times (XIIth century).

I conclude that Hildegarde, a contemporary of Suger, may have picked up the Tarot Project where and when the good abbott left it (1151).

A propos Marc O. Rainville

Je suis connu sous le nom de Rom depuis mes débuts dans la Tarotsphère en 1998. Je suis Bachelier en Animation et recherche culturelle, mineure en Histoire de l'art, de l'Université du Québec à Montréal. Je m'intéresse à l'histoire du Tarot depuis 1985. J'ai eu la chance de bénéficier d'un concours de circonstances favorables qui m'a permis d'approfondir mes recherches sur le sujet. J'en livre le fruit ici. Bienvenue sur Tarotchoco !
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