R.I.P.  »Marilyn » (1973-2009)

Former escort Marilyn died last Thursday at 36. The blonde bombshell chose death by lifestyle as did the other Marilyn (Norma Jean Baker), also dead at 36. On the surface it could look as if our Marilyn has staged it all. So what would we have here, Death Art ? A very  »creative » lady then. But she may also have been drawn (dragged ?) by an archetypal pull toward an end of mythical proportion.

Marilyn will certainly be remembered , among other things, for her ravishing beauty.

One of her former customer had this to say on a specialized forum this week :

Extremely beautiful girl, but also extremely uncomfortable with what she was doing, very guarded/behind a wall during our times together.

This is also the impression she gave publicly.  Details of her life have started to surface already and we can assume that her worlds were still overlapping. I do not see the quote posted here as a proper epitaph, but it certainly casts a dark shadow on this sorry mess.

She will be buried next Friday in her hometown. Will hearth broken fans flock to her grave in droves ? I suspect the family may just want her to rest in peace.

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5 réponses à R.I.P.  »Marilyn » (1973-2009)

  1. avocate dit :

    Je suis la représentante légale de la famille d’Isabelle Fortier. Veuillez retirer votre article ou le reformuler de manière à éviter de mentionner sa carrière d’escorte, son nom d’emprunt et celui de l’agence.

  2. Rom dit :

    My hearth is bleeding too.

  3. Isabelle dit :

    I have never written a comment on any article I have read on the net before this. Shame on you for starting the article with the words « Former escort » !!! What kind of a person are you?

  4. Olivier Carrier dit :

    I think it’s very stupid to call her by her escort name. Marilyn never existed. Her name’s Nelly.

    • Rom dit :

      I’m afraid her name was Isabelle… Nelly really existed either. But together, these two aspects of her mythos are the foundation on wich her legend will be built.
      This is Art, my friend…

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