I- The Magician

As I have started to explain again here and elsewhere when you apply the 3 ciphers Conver Code to the French name of the Trumps, you get a result that matches the Roman numeral posted on top of the card. Here, the name in French is Le bateleur. We will be trying to get I, (1) as a result. We will work with the first two ciphers, as is the case most of the time. Let’s start with the first cipher. We select only letters belonging to the ACEHILMOPRTVX club.

LE BATELEUR: 12+5+1+20+5+12+5+18= 78 ! Not exactly what we were looking for but significant nonetheless, is it not ? To solve this one properly, we need a 22 to add to 78 and come to 100 or I. We will get this 22 by borrowing the letter U from the second cipher (U anV only can switch value like that) that can morph into V and V has that value of 22.

Solving it now with the second cipher BDFNSU.

LE BATELEUR  : 2+21 = 23. We have to substract here: 3-2= 1.

There are other ways to solve this Trump. I will have to get back to this One at some point. But at this point I want to share something very personnal about the young man pictured here. He is holding his privates in his right hand. Not a coin or a fig leaf… His manhood.

Go figure.

A propos Marc O. Rainville

Je suis connu sous le nom de Rom depuis mes débuts dans la Tarotsphère en 1998. Je suis Bachelier en Animation et recherche culturelle, mineure en Histoire de l'art, de l'Université du Québec à Montréal. Je m'intéresse à l'histoire du Tarot depuis 1985. J'ai eu la chance de bénéficier d'un concours de circonstances favorables qui m'a permis d'approfondir mes recherches sur le sujet. J'en livre le fruit ici. Bienvenue sur Tarotchoco !
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