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You will find the solutions for La papesse here.

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R.I.P.  »Marilyn » (1973-2009)

Former escort Marilyn died last Thursday at 36. The blonde bombshell chose death by lifestyle as did the other Marilyn (Norma Jean Baker), also dead at 36. On the surface it could look as if our Marilyn has staged it … Continuer la lecture

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Of Frogs, Crowley, Eleanor Roosevelt and sociospiritual climbing

A  British subject going by the name of Alesteir Crowley visited the State of New-Hampshire for a private visit. He fancied himself as a magician. I think he may be the one who gave its English name to Trump I, … Continuer la lecture

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I- The Magician

As I have started to explain again here and elsewhere when you apply the 3 ciphers Conver Code to the French name of the Trumps, you get a result that matches the Roman numeral posted on top of the card. … Continuer la lecture

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IV – The Emperor

And then, there is the case of The Emperor. Who do we have here ?  A German emperor of course. At the time of the creation of Tarot, he was Conrad III. With the code… CONRAD III: 3+15+18+1+3= 40 or … Continuer la lecture

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