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(…) Here is the main cipher of the secret code of the Tarot de Marseille
by Conver, again :
A, C, E, H, I, L, M, O, P, R, T, V and X. 13 letters adding up to 166, or 13 again. (There is another code of 6 letters, an opposite, that adds
up to 66. 6 and 66, 666!) The level of difficulty is varying depending on each card.  As has been pointed out, the deck of Tarot is a puzzle. After you have
started to put together a few pieces, you begin to understand the magnitude of it all. The Tarot is benedictine’s work! Tarot coding is not anything like codes are today. It is not an exact science. It *is* a juggling act, as Ross Gregory Caldwell discovered:) Exceptions are found that confirm the rule. Whenever this happens, the beauty of the thing lies in the fact that intuition and creative imagination provide the solution. The keys have to be twisted a little.
Some pieces of the puzzle are not an easy match. It sometimes looks like many puzzles have been mixed together, the famous layers of interpretation if you
want. But I have found that the code is the thread, the Fil d’Ariane that leads in and, hopefully, out of an ‘’impossible’’ labyrinth.

LE*MAT: (12+5) x 2= 34. 13+1+20=34. 34 – 34= 0!
LE bATELEVR = 12+5+1+20+5+12+5+22+18=100 , 1+0+0=1, or I!
LE bATELEuR = 12+5+1+20+5+12+5+18 = 78!
We found another solution for this one while brainstorming on TarotL! There are half lozenges (*) at two places in this image. Between the two words
and one right in the middle of the E. The E is then really a C, so the name decodes as:
LC**bATELEuR = (12+3) X 2 X 2 = 60. 1+20+5+12+5+18 = 61. 61 – 60 = 1, or I!

LA*PAPEssE= (12+1) x 2= 26. 16+1+16+5+5= 43. 43 – 26= 17. XVII is the number on top of La papesse, along with II, thanks to an astute engraved

LIMPÉRATRICE: 12+9+13+16+5+18+1+20+18+9+3+5= 129. 1+2+9= 12. 1+2=3,
or III.

L’EMPEREVP: 12+5+13+16+5+18+5+22+16= 112. 1+1+2= 4, or IV. The last P doubles up as an R. It is an engraved coding ‘’mistake’’.

LAMOVREVX: 132. 1+3+2= 6, or VI.

LE CHARRE: 12+5+3+1+18+18+5= 70, 7, or VII. Charre is the old French word for cart. This is the first level. Then:
LE CHARIOT*: 12+5+3+8+1+18+9+15+20= 91. This is 7 x 13, both poles in this axis, as they stand on the Grand Wheel of Tarot, the structure that helps
to put the pieces of the puzzle in place. I call the VII-XIII poles the  »prophetic » axis. The chariot is followed by a *. We have 182, the number of letters in
the name of the Trumps, including 2 doubles, characters that are variable in IV and XVII.
Just another piece of the puzzle…

L’HERMITE: 12+8+5+18+13+9+20+5= 90, 9, or IX.

(LA VIE: 12+1+22+9+5= 49. 4+9= 13, or XIII! La vie means Life…)

TEMPERAnCE: 20+5+13+16+5+18+1+3+5=86, 8+6=14, or XIV.

LE*sOLEIL: (12+5) X 2 = 34. 15+12+5+9+12 = 53. 53 – 34 = 19, or XIX.

L_E*IUgEMEnT: 12+6+5(x2)= 46. 1+22+5+13+20= 66. 66 – 46= 20, or XX.
The character in L_E stands for what looks like as a slip of the engraving tool on the woodblock. But it is not a mistake. It is the lower leg of an L,
half an L, or 6! . The J at the beginning of the word Jugement has to be read as the number one (1). The U in the same word has to be read as V,22. The number
66 and 46 are corroborating evidence,  as explained on my page 15. A small village in France has just such an arrangement of numbers as a mysterious touristic attraction. 66 fossilized stone tombs and 46 covers… Tombs, just like in Trump XX.
66 and 46 give us 112. It is a link to Trump IV. But 112 is also the solution for the name of that village. Yes, it decodes 112… QuARRÉ-LEs-TOMbEs! The
left-over letters give…78 ! I found this place on the map after criss-crossing the geographic location of the four benedictine monks who I believe created Tarot:
Suger, Pierre, Robert and Hildegarde. The name Suger is also coded in the regular wording of the name of Trump XX,Le*Jugement.

Some of you may want to experiment with the minor code. Others could try to break the other majors with the main code. I have given clues here
as how to proceed with the code. Repeating myself again now: This is a puzzle. For some of the Trumps, the solution is in the context. The
Artist coded some of the Trumps in a fashion that made it easy to find the solution. Some are so easy that it was impossible not to spot a code. They were
meant to be the initial wake-up call for esoterists along the centuries who
would take a look at the manuscript or the game. But some are more difficult. You have to bring together the opposites… (…)The 16 figures are also coded. They correspond to 16 Trumps. See the
Grand Wheel of Tarot for my attributions.(…)

Courtesy of nAs COnVER 1760: 78!


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