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Today is the anniversary of the death of Suger, that I have named as the creator of Tarot. 857 years ago, on January 13th 1151.

He is said to have died of paludism, on the first hour of the day.


I have become convinced over time that the Ace of Cup is a schematised representation of the Saint-Denis basilica as it must have stood in the middle of the XIIth century. I propose here to give a guided tour of this basilica…

Suger, the abbott of Saint-Denis who gave us the Tarot deck, plays with the historical dates, for our great happiness as decoders. The installation of the first stone of the bedside of the Saint-Denis basilica took place at his instigation on July 14, 1140. The numbers 14 07 11 40 add up to 72. The solemn dedication, the ceremony of opening, took place on June 11, 1144. 11 6 11 44 also gives 72.

Our two 72 mark the beginning and the end of this phase of work; together they add up to 144, the biblical number of the Heavenly Jerusalem. (The apocalypse speaks about the 144,000 right ones and also teaches us that the celestial city has walls of 144 leagues. ¨

In the number 144, according to the Fathers of the Church, the hundred expresses the Unit of the divine world – the Unit of God – the 4 of ten, the stability of the world angelica, the 4 of the Unit, the eternal stability of the Holy City, whose form is precisely a cube.¨) These 72 are also a recall of two Rules, that of the first Knights Templars and that of the Benedictines, who comprise 72 articles each. And this 72 hidden is probably also one of the many signatures which are hiden in the work of Suger.

SUGER DE SAINT-DENIS: 5+18+5+1+9+20+5+9= 72 !

Let me add that at the time of the ceremony of installation of the first stone of the bedside, on July 14, 1140, the monks used holy water to prepare the mortar. They sang on this occasion the first verse of psalm 86 (14) to the glory of Sion (14), the Heavenly Jerusalem. In latin it is decoded, with the major cipher of the secret code of Tarot:

Fundamenta ejus in montibus sanctis.

1+13+5+20+1+5+9+13+15+20+9+1+3+20+9= 144 !!!

It is the king himself, Ludovicus VII, which sealed this first stone. All these ceremonies were planned by the same man. “Suger is proud of his work and he marks all of the various stages by splendid ceremonies.” 2

About the main reliquary of Saint-Denis… It is said to have appeared in good place in the description which reached us of the ceremony of installation of the stone of the bedside. Many top ecclesiastics (18) and barons were on the spot, with the king, of course. It isfor this reason, the presence of many influential prelates, that the Gothic architectural style presented by Suger – known at the time as royal art or ogival art – was thus propagated in all the kingdom.

These prelates did everything to build in their diocese cathedrals similar to the new church of Suger after the inauguration of June 11, 1144. Ther were public presentations of the gold reliquary in these ceremonies of July 14, 1140 and June 11, 1144, beginning and end of work of the bedside. This religious artefact was composed of gold and enamels.

We mentioned the presence of the king and his court, the clergy also, but in much greater number one found the people. For all these brought together the highlight of the two spectacles was certainly the presentation of the reliquary. It contained the remains of the three protectors of the abbey, Denis, Éleuthère and Rustique.

ELEUTHERE: 78. Our primary number in Tarot decoding.

RUSTIQUE: 52. DENIS: 14. 52 + 14= 66, six letters in this coding, 666. Our secondary number in Tarot decoding.

The three together : 144 ! Our other so very often seen number in Tarot decoding.

One will also note the year of the dedication of the bedside, 1144, which echoes this constant concern of Suger for number 144. Lastly, Suger engraved another date, that of June 9, 1140. It goes back to the dedication of the new porch, on its copper doors.

It is a gesture which enabled him to emphasize another coding:

June 9, 1140 or 6 9 11 40= 66, six numbers here: 666 !

On the front porch of the building…

Suger is said to have died on January 13th, 1151, of « paludisme », on the first hour of the day. The oldest records we have say that he died on that date, January 13th, but in 1152. I decoded all this, just to see. The first hour is called prime. I gave it a value of 1.

1 13 11 52 +1= 78 !!!

To conclude on this point, I want to introduce the following to my english readers:

Please welcome Abbot Suger himself. He is portrayed here – as a little monk lying at the feet of the Holy Mother, his hands extended in greeting – in a scene engraved in the oldest stained glass window panel still in existence. Yes, it comes from the middle of the XIIth century. It is located in the Virgin’s chapel of the Saint-Denis basilica. Suger coded two latin inscriptions here, Ave Maria and Svgerivsabas. (Here is the main cipher of the code, again: A, C, E, H, I, L, M, O, P, R, T, V and X.)

The first inscription reads like this:

IVE MARIA= 9+22+5+13+1+18+9+1= 78. One leg of the A in Ave has been forgotten for coding purposes. Thus the A becomes an I, 1 becomes 9.

The second inscription:

SVGERIVSABAS: 22+5+18+9+22+1+1= 78 … Meditate that !

One B in the word abbas (abbot) has been conveniently forgotten for coding purposes. Because when you take the remaining letters of the inscription, SGSBS, you get the total 66. And since an arabic 6 is hidden as the G, we have 666.

I have attempted here to illustrate the the most obvious links that can be made between the Tarot Code and some of the coded messages left by abbot Suger in his time.

I rest my case, for now. At this point, I would like to quote one of my favorite author, John Le Carré:

« Proof it is not. But as a basis for assumption, it screams out loud. »

1 Michel Bur, Suger, abbot of Saint-Denis, regent of France, p. 240

2 Marcel Aubert, Suger, p. 172

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  1. Rom dit :

    Bloody Hell !! ? Surely you mean, Angels in Heaven !! The little Suger in the glass window… I have added a comment on him in the About time … post. This is the key, my friend.

  2. Jérôme Coulomb dit :

    did I ?? Bloody Hell !! I went there about half an hour or so before closure time, so I talked 2 minutes with the lady, trying to get a lower price… but I couldnt obtain anything. She told me: « it’s not the way it is! » As i didn’t have much time, i couldn’t see the general scale model of the abbaye. (Maybe another time). But I did see the stained glass window with the little Suger on it !

  3. Rom dit :

    At Saint-Denis ?! Good for you. Did you see the scriptorium ? You bought your entrance ticket there.

  4. Jérôme Coulomb dit :

    Believe it or not, I was there yesterday… Till closing time.

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